Mobility & Collaboration

Mobility and collaboration are core to building effective and profitable businesses. They enhance productivity by changing the way your staff interact, share knowledge and skills and collaborate with each other.
The traditional boundaries between employees, suppliers and customers have changed and people have expectations of being able to simply and quickly work together and raise and answer questions.
We provide solutions that enable your staff to communicate anytime, anywhere via phone, email, online or video conferencing, instant messaging or intranet and we provide you with the ability to securely create, store and share documents across teams. This is underpinned by the robust network infrastructure that you need to enable modern communications.
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Enjoy Microsoft’s familiar Office application as a cloud service, plus business-class email, online meetings, private social networking and collaboration, online document storage and file sharing. Always up-to-date and can be used anytime, anywhere from any device.

As a Cloud Managed Services Provider we add value to your Microsoft licensing by managing your licences and providing services that can include setup, migration and support.

Microsoft Office 365 packages provide options for small businesses (up to 300 users) and for Enterprises. Within those packages you can choose web-based versions of the Microsoft software, the desktop and mobile software that you are familiar with and you can also choose to mix and match email, Microsoft Office applications and collaboration software.

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Cloud Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM) enables you to maximise efficiency, staff productivity and improve specific or multiple customer-facing activities with a wider team involvement and reap the benefits of greater collaboration and shared knowledge.

The Brighter Connections CRM software, from as little as £25 per user per month, is cost-effective and an essential next step in effective customer communications and management of relationships. Using the Brighter CRM application, you can:

  • Centralise and structure the data you need to better support winning new clients and retaining existing clients
  • With the addition of our highly-visual analytics and data dashboards you can make quicker and easier decisions
  • Prepare for the next steps in the development of client relationships
  • Increase customer loyalty, satisfaction and profitability
  • Reduce operational costs and increase staff productivity by using your improved customer knowledge effectively and efficiently

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Cloud-based telephony provides significant advantages when compared to more traditional on-premise solutions and, when combined with Unified Communications, significantly enhances the way in which your organisation, it’s people, customers and suppliers can communicate and collaborate.

Many businesses have legacy telephony solutions that are ageing and expensive to maintain. A cloud-based solution offers significant cost and functionality advantages and can often cost less than a traditional replacement, while also benefiting from a simple pay-as-you-use and grow model that can eliminate or reduce the need for capital investment.  You can even choose to include call minutes to eliminate or reduce the risk of bill shock.

Our solutions are highly available and provide the flexibility for people to move between locations and, no matter what the size of your business, provide all of the features that are available to large enterprises. You can extend the reach of Skype for Business so that, as well as using it as a way to communicate with your company, you can use instant messaging, voice and video to collaborate with partner organisations.

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Does your network infrastructure provide you with the resilience and performance that you need to enable reliable communications?

We provide wide and local area network infrastructure solutions that:

  • Ensure reliable connectivity to cloud services: especially important when you move to services such as Microsoft Office 365 and cloud telephony.
  • Provide a flexible work environment, utilising WiFi, to enable people to move around the office without being locked to a single desk location and also reducing the cost, security and reliability problems that can be associated with complex cabling solutions.
  • Provide Quality of Service to ensure that essential network traffic, such as voice, is given the priority that is needed in order to maintain a consistent user experience.