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Telephony remains the primary way in which we all communicate when not meeting face-to-face. It provides immediacy and interaction that e-mail, web and social media can’t and is an essential part of our private and business lives.

With the move to alternative forms of communication, the expectation of customers that the telephone is the best choice of immediately talking to somebody has, if anything, increased. This means that call quality and high availability are critical for any business service.

Traditionally office telephony has been delivered over fixed dedicated lines, but things are rapidly changing. Businesses are increasingly moving to “Cloud Telephony” solutions.

Cloud Telephony has all the advantages of traditional telephony, but adds flexibility and, for many businesses, also reduces cost.

At Brighter Connections, we’ve seen an example of one business that stands to save several thousand pounds a year by moving their small number of lines from a traditional fixed line telephony service to a Cloud Telephony solution. We’ve also seen how a much larger organisation can save significant amounts, and add flexibility and new features, by moving away from complex on-site solutions. Those savings have been driven by a mixture of:

  • Savings on the maintenance of legacy equipment
  • Eliminating the need to purchase replacement telephone switches
  • Inclusive call minutes
  • Lower overall cost of ownership

Cloud Telephony provides many further benefits:

  • It doesn’t matter whether you have 2 or 250,000 users – you have access to the same features on a simple per user per month model
  • Minimum contract periods can be as low as one month
  • Moving to the cloud is perfect for business continuity and also flexible working – you and your people can work from any location and use your mobile phone, or a desk handset, and appear to be in any fixed location while moving between sites
  • Short lead times mean that you can get a new system up and running in just a few days
  • Scalability – Cloud Telephony solutions will give you the ability to add or remove the number of users quickly and easily as required so you are never over or under-provisioned.
  • Improve security and compliance with inbound call recording and encryption of voice calls.

At Brighter Connections we follow our own advice and are moving our own complex and expensive solution to the cloud with resulting cost savings and improvements in simplicity, reliability and reporting. We have initially taken a vendor neutral approach and then selected two key partners to work with, who have demonstrated their ability to provide rapid deployments and quality support and the customer and user experience that is so essential in a telephony solution.

Our approach to telephony differs from that of many vendors in that we start by looking at business and user needs – the technology is an add-on. We firmly believe that building the right user experience drives adoption. That adoption, in turn, provides additional business benefits by, for example, enhancing productivity, flexibility and customer experience.

We partner with our customers and provide a full range of technology demonstrations and have a proof of concept approach that ensures that customers are able to make an informed choice on the right solution for their business.

For more information on Cloud Telephony and other ways in which technology can be used to enhance your business, please call us on 0330 088 9999 or email online@managedservices.co.uk