Businesses are increasingly moving to Microsoft Office 365 and quite rightly put their trust in it for security and resilience. With the right tools and knowledge, it is generally easier and more cost-effective to secure, protect and share information that is stored in Office 365 than it is with more traditional on-premise dedicated solutions.

Microsoft provide great tools to protect your information. Microsoft Office 365 is built with redundancy and resilience in mind and it includes some really great security and auditing tools, but information in Office 365 isn’t stored in all of its previous versions forever. If information is deliberately or accidentally deleted or modified, then it is possible to lose that information.

At Brighter Connections, we’ve seen how information can become unavailable through, for example:

  • Accidental deletion by users
  • Malicious intent
  • Ransomware or viruses on client desktops
  • People leaving, and their data then being deleted

Microsoft does include protection from deletion; for example, deleted e-mails are retained for around 30 days before being permanently removed. However, people don’t always realise that information has been deleted until it is too late.

The solution that we use and recommend to clients, Backupify, overcomes these potential problems and provides businesses with a higher level of protection, while also potentially saving money by enabling the data of former employees to be accessed long after they leave and without the need to retain an active Microsoft Office 365 licence for those users.

Backupify ensures that backups of all Office 365 data, be that in OneDrive, SharePoint or e-mail, are taken three times a day to the Backupify Cloud. It also enables data to be restored to alternative destinations; this covers OneDrive, SharePoint and Exchange Online. It can even backup and restore data within the Google Cloud.

Backupify is simple to deploy and stores your data securely. It encrypts data both in transit and at rest and provides you with tools to:

  • Manage backups, view restores and see an activity feed
  • Search e-mails, contacts, files and entire folders
  • Restore to the original or alternative location

We strongly recommend Backupify alongside any Microsoft Office 365 deployment to build on the built-in security and resilience of Microsoft Office 365 and further protect your business from unintended data loss.

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